About Me


Welcome to Play With Your Food!

I’m Katelyn Shea, and I’m currently my junior year in the  Dietetics in Food and Nutrition Program at MSU.

I worked in restaurants for eleven years and have consequently grown to respect and love good food. I love cooking it, plating it, growing it, baking it, eating it, feeding it, and reaping the benefits of all the aforementioned activities. I like the rich history of traditional foods, and the continuous reinventions of modern cuisine. I appreciate the way meals bring people together in all cultures across the world, and I’m always excited to try new recipes from different regions of the globe.

Three years ago, I recovered from an intestinal illness and found that I was subsequently unable to enjoy many of the foods I had always loved. I’ve learned to eat around these ingredients, but have since been on a bit of a quest for nutritional healing. In the future, I hope to use my education and experience in my field to  incorporate healing diets into contemporary treatments of illnesses. I’m also interested in helping my generation get back to the roots of whole, unprocessed foods.

This semester, in order to fulfill the requirements of Nutrition and Society, I’m planning on integrating topics inspired by the curriculum, my own interests, and food culture into this blog in the form informational and entertaining posts. As you may have gathered from the name of this blog, I encourage everyone to strive to see meals as fun, memorable experiences, and I think that healthy food doesn’t have to live up to its bad reputation of drab tastelessness. Bon appétit!



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